Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What's wrong with fluoride?

Fluoride is used to fight tooth decay, but there is little evidence that it works. However, it can cause significant harm. Excess fluoride damages teeth and causes discoloration. It also causes damage to bones leading to symptoms of arthritis, and lowers thyroid function. Some studies have shown that there is a lowering of IQ in children as a result of fluoride ingestion.


What's wrong with chlorine?

Chlorine kills disease causing bacteria and some viruses in drinking water, but it is very toxic, and there is always the danger of releasing the gas in the atmosphere during transportation. But more serious is the finding that chlorine reacts with organic compounds (like dead leaves) and produces hydrocarbons that are capable of causing cancer. Chlorine can also react with skin while bathing or showering and forms these unhealthy byproducts that are absorbed in the skin and in the lungs while bathing.

What's wrong with alkaline water?

Proponents of alkaline water claim it can neutralize acid and boost your energy and metabolism. However, there are no clinical studies to support that claim. Alkaline water produced by ionizers can upset your digestive system by raising the pH of your stomach. Your body will react by trying to produce more acid to normalize the pH. In some individuals their ability to produce more acid is affected and their digestive system becomes disturbed. Alkaline water produced by ionizers can also concentrate metallic ions that may be present in the water, raising them to dangerous levels.

What's wrong with the minerals in tap and spring water?

Minerals are essential for the basic functions of the body to take place. However, there is a misconception that we get enough minerals from our drinking water. We would have to drink a bathtub full of water everyday to get the minerals we need. Bear in mind that the minerals in water are the inorganic kind, picked up from rocks, and are not well absorbed by our bodies. In fact, they can be stored in the tissues and lead to diseases like arthritis, gall stones, kidney stones and hardening of arteries. Organ failure and cancer could result from the long term use of tap and natural spring water containing high levels of toxic minerals. Organic minerals found in food are much more easily absorbed and appreciated by our bodies because they don't contain toxic minerals.

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