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A. Steam Distillation

The Seven Step Process

We carry equipment that gives water-store quality purified water at home or work, using tap water, rain or well water as your source. That equipment includes reverse osmosis, water distillers and uv water purification devices.

Step 1: Carbon Filtration- removes bad taste and odour, chlorine and chloramines.

Step 2. Ion Exchange Water Softening-removes inorganic minerals like calcium and magnesium which can cause hard water.

Step 3: Sediment Filtration- A 5 micron sediment filter removes any particulate matter in the water such as sand, silt or rust.

Step 4: Distillation- The filtered water then enters into a vapour compression water distiller where the water is heated to form steam. Impurities do not evaporate with the water and are left behind. The steam then cools and condenses, guaranteeing consistently pure water.

Step 5: Ozonation– Ozone (three oxygen atoms bonded together), a powerful oxidant that sterilizes the water, is then circulated through the stored distilled water then reverts to oxygen (two oxygen atoms bonded together) in minutes.

Step 6: Ultraviolet Light- Prior to dispensing, the water passes through a UV lamp to ensure that the water is free from any harmful bacteria.

Step 7: Monitoring and Testing- The water is monitored for quality both in house, and by independent labs to ensure the water is always pure.

Benefits of Distilled Drinking Water

For Your Health - With greater than 99.9% of contaminants found in tap water removed, distilled water is able to safely remove toxins from your body and eliminate them through the kidneys.

Tastes Great - Distilled water not only tastes great on its own, it makes better tasting juices, teas and other drinks. Cooking with distilled water enhances the taste of your food and brings out the flavour in soups, vegetables, rice and pasta.

Good For Appliances - Distilled water leaves no scale or residue in your coffee maker, kettle, iron and other appliances.

Water Purification

B. Reverse Osmosis Purified Drinking Water

The first three steps are the same at the distillation process.

Step 4- Reverse osmosis (RO) works by forcing contaminated water at high pressure, through a .0002 micron semi-permeable membrane. The main result is unwanted impurities are left behind then washed away, and the highly filtered product water is collected in a food grade storage container.

Step 5-Pressure tank assures constant flow through a 1 micron sediment filter.

Step 6- Water then enters a post-carbon filter which assures an exceptionally smooth taste.

Step 7-Just before dispensing into bottles, the water passes through an Ultraviolet Purification Light System which destroys 99.9% of bacteria without any chemicals, ensuring high quality purified water.

Step 8-Ozone is added to storage containers to prevent future bacteria growth.

C. Window Water Dispenser

Coin operated 24-hour window dispenser of reverse osmosis and UV light purified water.

Water Purification

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